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Mood Metallix Paint

Mood Metallix Paint

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We're so excited for the NEW release of the Mood Metallix by Farmhouse Paint.

Colors offered:  Liquid Gold & Silver Linings.

Interior very reflective acrylic paint that is highly pigmented with iridescent mica to create strong metallic finishes.

  • Water based, Soap & Water Clean up
  • Brilliant Opaque Colors
  • Great for adding drama, bling, glam to any; feature wall, furniture, dome, molding or decorative accent piece.
  • Use on its own, or embellish any Farmhouse Paint Product.
  • No extender or additive is required for rolling.
  • Ample amount of working time built-in.
  • Full coverage in just 2 coats. One Coat may be all you need.
  • Dries to an even satin sheen.


  • Clean surface with TSP or Krud Kutter.. Allow to thoroughly dry.
  • Start with a dry coat of Farmhouse Paint, use metalliz as accent or for more solid color, use similar fHP paint color.
  • Stir well after opening.
  • Brush (use Pro Series Brush), Roll (use Nano roller) or Spray (only use conventional or HVLP cup gun with both air and liquid lines from a pressure pot & c compressor, do not add more than 4oz. of water per quart).
  • Apply one coat with full coverage, even out as you go. (If using a brush, try to finish stroke in one direction, feather out each stroke before paint starts to dry). Maintain a wet edge when starting a new patch in middle of piece.
  • Allow to thoroughly dry. Dry to touch in 3-4 hours, re-coat in 6-8 hours or overnight.
  • Apply second coat with full coverage, (If using roller, immediately back roll in one direction with each roller width touching the one before, with no pressure). Try not to touch up paint as it dries. It is normal for paint to look uneven as it dries.
  • Allow to thoroughly dry.


  • Due to the reflective quality, surface imperfections under paint could show.
  • Do not apply to slick or glossy surfaces.
  • Fully cures in 4-6 weeks

The cottage currently only has the 8 oz size, we will pre-order in quarts if desired.  Just give us a call.

We strongly suggest to do a smaller sample of desired look before committing to large project.

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